VASCO successfully managed with 28 stitches in the Bulgarian embroidery. You will succeed too!

28 colors of moulin VASCO in 28 stitches in the Bulgarian embroidery – the most commonly used ways to fill colored areas in embroideries from different ethnographic areas.

In old specimens of embroideries from different ethnographic regions of Bulgaria were used specific embroidery techniques. In addition to the colors typical for the region, the threads have different thickness, composition, and different canvas density.

We tried to recreate some of the main VASCO floss stitches on the canvas of 28 counts, using a different number of floss threads for each stitch type.

We will introduce you to these embroidery techniques in our blog. Be sure to learn something new and get acquainted with the diversity of embroidery techniques of Bulgarian embroidery with VASCO!

About the variety of Bulgarian embroideries in embroidery schemes, embroidery techniques and explanations with many photos, you will learn from the magazine “Схеми на Шевици”: