"In the beginning was the Word. And God was the Word. And the Word was with God."

Gospel of John

The third album of the talented designer Elisaveta Yordanova “Embroidery Fairy Tales” is reissued for the second time in 2023. Now with moulin VASCO.

The album includes several thematic sections. In the first, the author presents the letters of the Bulgarian alphabet in seam motifs, borrowed from different ethnographic regions. “Granny’s garden” is the most fragrant and colorful part, with 13 compositions of flowers. Here you will also find the popular panels “Starry Sky”, “Bulgarian Maiden”, “The Tree of Life”, “The Eternal Calendar”, “Circle” and many more compositions and small motifs.

“Embroidery Fairy Tales” 3 can be purchased from the online store on NASLEDSTVOTO.BG